It was his passion for Provence in the south of France, its nature and its stories, that inspired Olivier Baussan to create L’Occitane en Provence over 35 years ago. A brand that is fascinated by the Mediterranean lifestyle and Provençal traditions, featuring high-quality natural skincare products and fragrances made with emblematic ingredients harvested in the Provençal region.

With such curious and passionate eyes, Olivier Baussan found in Brazil a place of enticing natural diversity and passion for life. A country that inspired the birth of a new true story, made in Brazil. L’Occitane au Brésil celebrates Brazilian biodiversity with a new colleciton of well-being & beauty products.
Each line associates a unique ingredient sourced from one of Brazil’s biomes in a sustainable way with local producers. The design of the packaging was  conceived through a collaboration between Olivier Baussan and Brazilian artists. L'Occitane au Brésil is the result of a partnership that brings together local culture with L’OCCITANE’s knowledge of nature.

Every detail of the L'Occitane au Brésil collection is a reflection of the country that inspired this new true story. From the liveliness of culture seen on the packaging designed by local artists, to the care taken in choosing the best of each biome and the sensoriality and authenticity in the products themselves. Everything was conceived to take the best of Brazil into the world, in the form of unique products that make us celebrate this union.