The True Story…

L’Eau des Baux tells the story of an enchanted village perched on the top of Val d’Enfer: les Baux de Provence. Located above chasms, the ruins of the ancient fortress seem to want to tell fabulous stories of the past. A legend says that the Baux knights, guided by their star, took up with audacity all types of challenges. When the mistral blows we still hear the knights in the branches of cypress.

Did you know?

  • The symbolic of cypress has been for a long time (at least since Greek antiquity) that of eternal life (green leaves, always with fruit, incense scent). The Baux of Provence knights had chosen cypress as a symbol of their eternal strength and courage.
  • The name of the Baux of Provence comes from l’occitan « baus » which means « rocky cliff ».