New L’Occitane’s collection Fleur Chérie

When the orange tree blossoms, a sweet and delicate scent ills the air. Its small, white lowers are distilled to make orange blossom water.
Orange blossom so yields a precious essence with a captivating scent: Neroli.


New L'Occitane's collection Fleur Chérie is inspired by story of Italian princess Anne Marie Orsini (Princess of Neroli) who at the end ot 17th century introduced new fashionable fragrance Neroli named after her home Italian region Nerola.

Fragrance collection Fleur Chérie consists not just from new Eau de Toilette, trendy make-up - facecolours, eyeliners, lipsticks, lipbalm or brushes for application, but body care products as well - Shower Gel, Body Milk, Hand Cream, Solid Perfume and finally Scented Candle.


Fleur Chérie Fragrance is inspired by princess who was ahead of her time with her trends and whose sign became beloved orange blossom.


Anna Orsini was:


She was highly admired by all the European Queens


She was fashionable.
She was also a musician and made the Italian Opera famous in France


She set the trend of the orange blossom perfume in Mediterranean Europe


As she constantly traveled between France, Spain and Italy, she spoke fluently 3 languages


The make-up collection draws inspiration from the fashionable attire of the princesss of Nérola.