A True Story

L'OCCITANE has discovered unique wild plant with gret potential on Corsica. This flower never fades, even after being wrenched off. The Essentials oil obtained from this plant (Helichrysum italicum) is known for its regenerative effects against skin aging.

According to Greek legend, Odysseus shipwrecked on the island Phaecia. There he met daughter of king who had a reputation of divine beauty. People attributed her beauty to precious gold of the flowers of Immortelle, she had used every day. Princess offered small bottle of the oil to Odysseus. After applying it on whole body, he got the power and beauty of demigod again and could continue on his journey through fairytale.

After discovering its exceptional characteristics, collecting of this wild Immortelle rapidly increased and began to threaten the character of the region Balagne in Corsica. L'OCCITANE has launched a program of cultivation and breeding of immortelle in Corsica with using methods of organic farming. This program now involves eight farmers who grow organic immortelle in regions of Aléria and Balagne. Quality and origin of the ingredients are guaranteed from harvest till the distillation with three stages.

Did you know ?

- The flowers are picked in the morning and distilled on site that evening, to extract all their constituents.

- From one hectare it's possible to gain 10 kilos of essential oil!