The Verbena Cocktail


The Verbena Cocktail: A Fresh Summer Drink by Guillaume Ferroni

With summer approaching, the bartender Guillaume Ferroni shares a recipe for a refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail, where lime and verbena form a refreshing duo of Provencal accents, to be enjoyed without moderation!

By Mélissa Darré

Serves 4
Preparation time: 10 min

Ingredients: 120 ml lime juice • 120 ml cane sugar syrup • 360 ml mineral water • 24 lemon verbena leaves • 8 pieces of lime zest • 4 sage leaves • 20 slices of cucumber • Crushed ice

Material: Shaker (preferably stainless steel or silver) • Strainer or filter • Cutting board • Pestle • Highball glass • Toothpicks

1. Pour a little water in the bottom of your shaker. Add 2 pieces of fresh lime zest, then crush them firmly at the bottom.

2. Add a slice of cucumber, and the verbena and sage leaves. Crush again, this time more gently, so as not to destroy the leaves.

3. Add the sugar syrup and the freshly squeezed lime juice (bottled lemon juice would be too sour). Add the ice and vigorously shake up and down for about 12 seconds.

4. Pour the mixture over ice in a highball glass that has been chilled in the freezer for 10 minutes, collecting the solids with a strainer or filter. For decoration, add a long strip of cucumber on a toothpick in a wave shape and a sage leaf. Serve with two straws.
1. For a special occasion, this recipe easily adapts to a punch¹, served like a sangria² for many guests. Feel free to prepare in advance so that verbena infuses more intensely. It may be kept in the refrigerator all day.
2. Always make sure to crush plants in a small amount of water. In this way, their flavor will infuse more, making the cocktail even more aromatic (the same goes for a mojito³).

Profile of Guillaume Ferroni: In Marseille, his reputation is second to none. Wielding the shaker brilliantly, Guillaume has made his speakeasy Carry Nation a favored haunt for lovers of vintage spirits. A unique and secret address that the bartender has also adapted for lovers of the outdoors. Called the “Bar dans les Arbres”, or the “Bar in the Trees”, and open from June to September, it’s a favorite meeting point for night owls around Aubagne. Make sure to discover without delay these two unique places!

(1) (2) (3). Alcohol can damage your health, consume with moderation.
a fresh summer drink
A Fresh Summer Drink
Lime and verbena form a refreshing duo of Provencal accents
© José Nicolas
Guillaume Ferroni
Guillaume Ferroni
In Marseille, his reputation is second to none
© José Nicolas
verbena cocktail in glass
The Verbena Cocktail
Guillaume Ferroni shares a recipe for a refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail
© José Nicolas