Immortelle Divine Cream - sample

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Immortelle Divine Cream - sample


Voted BEST ANTI-AGEING MIRACLE CREAM* *Awarded the highest rated Anti-Ageing Miracle Cream by the 2011 Anti-ageing Beauty Bible. Independently tested by a panel of women across the UK Divine anti-ageing care fights the signs of ageing, so you can face up to the passing of time with absolute serenity. The divine combination of organic immortelle and myrtle essential oils offers: A complete regenerating care: Combined action to stimulate the production of collagens and improve skin microcirculation helps to reduce damage caused by time and restore substance and vitality. A second youth: Myrtle essential oil stimulates within the skin, the action of the longevity protein to help increase cellular vitality to preserve the skin's appearance. A luxurious cream that unites pleasure with performance: The formula is enriched with plant oils (34%) that contain a high level of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, for a silky texture and excellent nourishing properties. Upon application, the sensation of well-being is immediate, while the skin feels wonderfully soothed. Divine results: From the very first use, the skin looks incredibly beautiful. After 4 weeks, it appears regenerated. It is visibly younger-looking and radiant, and the results are both instant and long-lasting.