Immortelle Divine Extract - sample

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Immortelle Divine Extract - sample


Divine Extract Reference : 27DS030I0 Best Seller Divine Extract is a highly concentrated and extra efficient serum supporting effects of Divine cream. This serum helps to fight the signs of aging, so you can face the passing of time with absolute serenity. The divine combination of ultra concentrated organic Immortelle and Myrtle essential oils offers: 1. A complete regenerating treatment stimulating the production of collagen* and improving skin micro-circulation* which helps to reduce the appearance of damage caused by premature aging and contributes to restoring substance and vitality. 2. Stimulation of the action of the SIRT-1 (youth Myrtle essential oil)* protein - also known as the "longevity protein" - to help increase cellular vitality and visibly preserve the skin's youthful appearance. The Divine Extract is the ultimate youth serum, for visibly younger skin: A fresh and velvety formula, enriched with hyaluronic acid derivative and a Vitamin C derivative that immediately enhances the skin and visibly improves its texture and its appearance. Divine results: · immediately, the skin is smoother and signs of fatigue are reduced. · after 7 days, the skin regains its radiance and its texture is visibly improved. The results are both instant and long-lasting, due to natural composition of the product. * in vitro test TEST Immediate and long-lasting results of Divine Extract. Satisfaction tested on 72 women over 4 weeks : •Instantly skin is smoother (92%), plumped up (82%) and radiant (94%) •In just 7 days skin's texture is visibly improved (96%) •After 4 weeks skin is firmer (89%) and skin slackening is reduced (92%) Dermatologically tested.