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L'Occitan Eau de Toilette

A perfume full of character, for an energetic and self-confident man

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Inspired by the rich scents of Provence, in all their ruggedness and mystery, like the smell of distilled lavender, blended with the peppery and nutmeggy scent of burnt wood.
An aromatic, masculine and invigorating fragrance.


1- Spray yourself with perfume on various pulse points for a great fragrance trail:

your neck and chest area, on your wrists, behind your ears and your knees, on your hair, etc

Do not to rub your wrists together as this may break the fragrance molecules and prevent the fragrance from lasting.

2- To perfume your clothes, spray at a distance of 10 cm:

the hem of your skirt, your scarf, the lining of your jacket or your coat.

3- To evenly fragrance your body, spray a fragrance cloud in front of you, then step into it

Keep your fragrance fresh as long as possible by making sure not to expose it to light and heat.


The L’Occitan range celebrates classic Provence and its men. The intense blue of the fields of lavender, the red soil of Roussillon, the sun that tans the skin, the siesta in the shade of the olive trees. The very rawness of the scents of Provence are reflected in this fragrance. Discover rugged and fragrant L'Occitan. L'Occitan



**Ingrédients d'origine naturelle/Natural origin ingredients.


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