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PROVENCE BEAUTY CLUB (PBC as well) is created by L´OCCITANE Central Europe s.r.o., the registered office of which is Pobřežní 370/4, 186 00 Praha 8 – Karlín, Czech Republic (“L’OCCITANE”), for all who often and happilly make purchases in L’OCCITANE EN PROVENCE stores. Every person with a correspondence address in the Czech Republic can become a member of the L’OCCITANE PROVENCE BEAUTY CLUB. The creation of the membership requires at least one purchase in L’OCCITANE EN PROVECE and a correctly filled in registration form online on https://cz.loccitane.com/ or at any L’OCCITANE EN PROVENCE store. Every member is obliged to actualize his or her personal details upon a change, especially when an address is changed. The member can write the change directly via email at administration@loccitane.cz or fill in a form at any L’OCCITANE EN PROVENCE store.


Every member receives his or her own PROVENCE BEAUTY CLUB card. The PBC card is to be picked up at any L’OCCITANE EN PROVENCE store and has its unique EAN code identifying the member of the PBC with every purchase. The PBC card is issued without charge and is not used for payment. Each member can be issued only one card. In case of loss or damage the member can ask for a new PBC card via email at administration@loccitane.cz. The card has no expiry date and is valid as long as the PROVENCE BEAUTY CLUB exists.


Each PROVENCE BEAUTY CLUB member is signing the application, that he/she agrees with the processing of his/her personal data under the conditions described in our Privacy Policy, accessible online on https://cz.loccitane.com/ or at any L’OCCITANE store. The collection of your personal data complies with the provisions of the law applicable to data protection. 


The PROVENCE BEAUTY CLUB membership is ceased when the member does not make any purchase within a year from the last purchase, introduces faulty personal details on the entry form or on a written request of the member. The rewards are not legally claimable. L’OCCITANE has the right to chage the rules of the PBC. Members would be informed about the changes directly at stores or at https://cz.loccitane.com/. L’OCCITANE also has the right to cease the PBC without any reason. The final date of the PBC would be announced at L’OCCITANE EN PROVENCE stores.